I still wake up late at night with horrible nightmares. I can clearly feel the needle going through my skin, the glue on my eyes and them sewing my mouth shut. I can’t do anything about it, I’m helpless in the hands of those monsters. I see my brothers and sisters going through the same ordeal. Why is this happening to us? Why is no one helping us? I can’t remember anything that happened before that torture, but the dream feels so real, almost like a memory.  Most days I forget about my nightmares, but every night as soon as the lights go off, I know I will be seeing that awful place again.

Luckily I have Sara. She ignores me most of the time, but she likes to sleep with me and that comforts me. She needs me to protect her from the dark, and likes to hold me tight before letting herself go into dreamland. When she sleeps, she is sweet and beautiful, I feel safe in her arms. But most of the time, she likes to punch me, bite me and usually carries me around from my foot, especially if I don’t want to go anywhere. I think she loves me, but she doesn’t respect me. She never cares about my feelings and I sometimes wonder if she is one of them. She looks like a tiny version of them, but she doesn’t seem to have their evil eyes. How could my sweet angel be one of them? They only live in my dreams, she can’t be one of them, they can’t be real.

I know my duty is to protect her from nightmares. I can’t stand the idea of her having to suffer these horrible dreams every night. I will block these dreams from ever getting her, and make sure she only dreams of happy things. Her happiness is everything to me, and every morning, even after a sleepless night full of torture, needles and hot glue, as soon as I see her smiling, I forget about everything and I just want to be held in her arms.

Can you guess from what object’s POV this is written from?

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